Editorial Assessment

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

An editorial assessment (also known as a manuscript evaluation) is an overall critique of the “big picture.”

This edit involves minimal mark-up; any mark-up is for clarification of notes in the edit letter, and will mostly be found in the first few chapters. Here we are looking for authentic and consistent characters, a sound and marketable premise, as well as a cohesive and engaging plot. This will be achieved by analyzing the technique and style, the clarity, the voice, the tone, the reading level, and the audience appropriateness. General and reoccurring punctuation and grammar errors will also be noted but not marked on the manuscript, since this evaluation is often used to guide substantial rewrites.


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"EditElle is sharp and while editing, holds the heart of your story in her very capable hands."

Elle's guidance, advice and patience put me at ease. I felt like I was still in command of my own creativity and my belief in my story and my ability to write well was reignited again. . . . Thank you, EditElle, for editing my very first manuscript and many more to come.

In the words of the great Stephen King “To write is human, To edit is divine.”

- Jodie Rawle, Muriwai, New Zealand

"Working with Elle has been a great experience."

She does a detailed and thorough job, explaining everything and adapting as needed for the project. I look forward to working with her on different projects this year.

- Daphne James Huff

"A million thanks to EditElle - Writing & Editing Services."

Winning your edit on Instagram made me sit down and write this book that had been brooding in my head. Thank you for working your magic.

- Ginny Stone

"Elle's been so supportive and enthusiastic about helping me with my work."

She's asked me some surprising yet thought provoking questions that have really got me thinking about my ideas and characters and deepened the world I'm creating.

- Helen Young

"EditElle provided a fast and thorough beta read for my short story."

Her feedback and suggestions assisted me in giving the story a more overall, consistent flow. Elle was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. As my writing career progresses, I look forward to continuing to utilize Elle's editing services.

- Mello Diamond

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